What Should You Know About LED Downlight?

Led downlight is very popular among consumers both at home and abroad. Led downlights have obvious advantages over the conventional lights actually. However, there are still many people unfamiliar with this kind of light. Or they will confront of various kinds of problems when they using or installing the led downlights. Here we will give you answers to these kinds of most frequently asked questions.


For example, people may be confused when it comes to choose warm white or cool white, warm white or daylight, 3000k or 4000k. Generally speaking, there is no strict boundary or there are no right or wrong answers. Choosing which kind of light depends on your own taste or requirements actually. In general, warm light provides a cosier, warmer appearance just like a candle. And most of the halogen incandescent light bulbs are warm white, so it should be your safe option. Cool white provides a clinical more modern feel and can make your room much more bright. It is clearer and appears bluer actually.


As to why should we chose led downlight, the reason can be given as following. Generally speaking, LED is energy-saving in comparison with halogen. It is eco-friendly and better for environment. What’s more, it can provide a longer lifespan. The life expectancy of led can be different from 2500 hours to 70000 hours. So, it is a good choice for people to choose downlight, led downlight.

As to the question on how many downlights should you install, frankly, this depends on many factors, like the room type, room dimensions and so forth. There are different room types like IE lounge, bathroom, restaurants, bars, hotels and so on. And the dimension of different rooms is different greatly. Taking a room with the dimension of 3.6M wide x 4.8M length and 2.7M high for an example, using 6x 50W halogen downlights would provide an average of 160 lx. However, this kind of brightness is only suitable for watching TV, but not good for craft work or other hobbies. If you want more bright illumination condition, then you need more downlights.

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