It Is a Good Choice to Install LED Lights on Your Car

LED lights, like led downlights, are really popular among global consumers. In comparison with traditional halogen bulbs, LED lights are more bright and energy-saving. Well, the led lights can be widely applied to different areas, like home lighting, office lighting, vehicle lighting, or even decoration lighting and so forth. Here, we will tell you how to install led lights for your car.


Step 1
Prepare things you will need, like socket wrench, phillips screwdriver.

Step 2
Turn off your vehicle and open the hood. You should disconnect the electrical connection harness from the rear of the headlight assembly. Whether to remove a rubber seal or cover to access the connector depending on your vehicle actually. 

Step 3
Remove the fasteners securing the assembly to the engine compartment. Some vehicles have bolts that need to be removed with a socket  wrench, while most vehicles have screws that can be removed with a Phillips screwdriver. The assembly should be pulled out of the engine compartment actually.

Step 4
Install the LED headlight assembly and reinstall the fasteners. If it is necessary, you are advised to reattach the connector harness and rubber seal. You should repeat with the other headlight assembly and close the hood. This is about how to install the headlight.

Step 5
Here comes how to install taillights. Turn the vehicle’s engine off and open the trunk. Remove the two screws or bolts securing the taillight cover to the trunk and remove the cover. The process is the same as you install the headlight. After this, you should disconnect the electrical connector harness and remove it from the vehicle. Install the replacement LED assembly and reconnect the harness. After all having been done, close the hood.

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