The Principle of the LED Panel Lights

Actually, led panel light is determined by the structure of the backlight module, light, driving, frame structure, diffuser plate combination. Light from the light guide material is irradiated on both sides or edges inside, the light interference pattern is processed through the light guide plate so that light advancing direction is changed, the interference of the light diffusion plate toward the direction of most of the emitted, reflected on the reflective material fraction for a second secondary reflector, the light shines out as far as possible, in order to achieve the purpose of illuminating.


LED panel lights with easy control light size, with a very strong performance dimmable, there are shock-resistant, high luminous efficiency, compact and lightweight, and many other performance characteristics, but also has energy saving, long life, safe and reliable, from the LED panel lamp appearance of view, but it contains a lot of high technology works on the inside, for example, the formation of a white light source LED, LED panel light thermal performance, etc., and now we have from the LED panel lights are used to the technology analysis of three aspects of the technical details.

1. LED panel light system of the secondary optical design optical system design consists of three main aspects:
  ① According to the illumination object, the luminous flux needs to determine the shape of the optical system, LED number and size of power;
  ② the number of combinations designed LED light source, ring light or surface light source of the “secondary source”, according to combined into a secondary light source, computing illumination optical system;
  ③ illumination optical system design constitutes a “secondary source” on each LED tube light distribution control is very important.

2. Effectively enhance the LED panel lights lighting effects chromogenic performance index.
  At present widespread use of white LED emits blue excited by the blue LED superimposed yellow-yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG)   phosphor, synthesized as white light. The sensitivity of the human eye is much higher than the color strength of the   sensitivity to light, the lighting, the light source color is often more important than the luminous efficiency. Therefore,   adding an appropriate amount of red fluorescent powder and to maintain a high luminous efficiency white LED lighting is an   important issue.

3. LED panel light system thermal management
  Often referred to as the common cold LED light source, it is because the LED light-emitting principle is an electronic top end of the composite photonic be declared, the process without the need for heating technology. But because of the presence   of Joule heat, LED the light energy is also accompanied with, LED is a temperature sensitive material, when the temperature   rises, the power drastically reduced, the architecture depicted and cooling technology development is also to be faced with   the task LED. Because forced air cooling is generally not desirable in the light source, so the progress followed by the   input power, heat sinks, and other ways to enhance the natural convection cooling in the lamp and the light source LED panel depicts the effect of increasing importance to carry forward. Professional LED panel lights manufacturers produce high quality led downlight and led panel lights lighting effects easier to control, and the product is more frivolous, higher reliability,   and thus has always been the favorite of consumers, carry forward the important performance results.


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