Tips on How to Repair LED Brake Lights Easily

There are various kinds of LED lights, like led downlight, led brake light and so forth. Have you ever heard of the brake light? It is also called taillight, which is one of the most important safety features on a vehicle. Otherwise, other motorist traveling behind you can’t see you and will easily cause serious traffic accidents. Nowadays, most cars now are equipped with an LED brake light which runs longer, crisper and brighter. You should replace or repair the brake light timely whenever you find it has been burned out.
Step 1
Prepare things you will need, like replacement LED bulb, screwdriver set.

Step 2
To ensure safety and convenience, you are advised to park your vehicle on a flat and level surface. Apply the emergency brake and turn off the engine.

Step 3
If you do not know how to access the LED bulb, you should inspect the brake light carefully. You can remove the lens cover from the outside or you will have to access the bulb from the interior of the trunk depending on the make and model of your car. Use a screwdriver and access the bulb if you see a pair of screws on the outside of the lens.

Step 4
Open the trunk. Pull down the tailgate please in the case of a truck. Pull back any carpeting, bed lining or plastic access panels covering the rear of the tailight assembly. 

Step 5
If you want to grasp the led bulb cluster, pull the assembly a few inches into the interior of the vehicle. Turn the bulb to the left to remove it from the socket. If you are not sure which kind of light is suitable for your requirements, you are advised to bring the old light with you.

Step 6
It is time to insert the new bulb. Turn the right to the right to secure it in place. For more detailed information, you can visit our website:

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