LED Downlight Price and Quality Should Be Considered Comprehensively

The price of led downlight and led tube used in the house is difference. Generally speaking,the high price leds are always equipped with more functions and evident features as well as longer life span. The technology enable the low price product with good quality and properties,which we are expecting for.


In the common sense,most people aren’t in the habit of buying lights on a daily basis and even if you’re pretty well versed, you don’t really want to spend too much time and energy thinking about it outside of very large installations. Once you like the color of the light,brightness of the light,and lifespan,it comes down to price.But before you choose good led downlights at a competitive price, you’d better know some Common Questions And Answers About LED Downlight .

We have to admit that we have much sensitivity in the price when we buy the product rather than how long and what exactly it will perform,especially when dealing with a higher priced item like led lights. Yes,it’s important to make sure we’re comparing apples and apples when shopping for led lights.

There are some tips and skills when we choose the proper lights. The amount of light quantity is needed to sufficiently light the area. This is a measure of lumens so what we really want to look at is the cost per lumens when comparing bulbs. And the working hours should be also considered as well when we compare the price one by one.

The price of led light is an important factor to measure whether or not it is a good light. When the light type and quality as well as light beams,color and outlook is what we expected,we are supposed to compare all the lights with price. If you are surfing the Internet for the right light,you are advised to visit the website: www.lgiled.com

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Manassas Bridal Store Gives Away Free Gowns for Veterans Day



MANASSAS, Va. (CBSDC) – Some military brides-to-be in Northern Virginia are recieving a big surprise on Veterans Day – Free bridal gowns!

Jeanette’s Bride N’ Boutique  in Manassas took part  in a national campaign called Brides Across America, which has given away over 10,000 wedding dresses to brides serving in the armed forces or to the finances of military service members.

Kiera Ogden, the manager of Jeanette’s Bridal N’ Boutique  says that the store has already given away about 80-100 gowns over the past five years of participating in this campaign.  Brides must first pre-register for the event and pay a $20 registration fee.

The store opened at 10 a.m., but brides began lining up outside the store around 7:00 a.m.  Ogden says the gowns are given away on a first-come, first-serve basis to brides who have registered.

“When I talked to those brides,  they were cold and tired, but…

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How Many Do You Know About Blue LED?

LED is short for Light Emitting Diodes and it has become one of the effective and popular technologies now. It has been widely used in industrial areas to make light, led screen and so forth. There are various kinds of led both in domestic and international markets, like white led and blue led. Have you ever heard of the blue led before? It can convert the electrical energy into the blue light.


There are various kinds of blue lights both in domestic and international markets for your selection. They are different in sizes, materials, specifications, brightness levels and so forth. There is no doubt that they are designed to satisfy different kinds of requirements.

Even the blue color can be different actually. You can see different kinds of blue, light, medium or dark. It is not strange since the led shade is directly connected with the led light wavelength actually. Do you know what is the wavelength? It is t he length that a light will travel over a fixed period of time actually. You must know the blue led light wavelength if you use it for specific biological application since different life forms and organs respond differently to small variations in wavelength. The wavelength is usually given by producers in units of nanometers.

The commercial use of blue led can date back to early 1990s. With the development of science and technology, white led has been created on the base of blue led. The manufacturing method is to combine the blue, red and green color together or coat blue led with phosphorous. It has a higer forward voltage in comparison with other colors led.

Nowadays, blue led has been widely used in medical areas to eradicate many strains of bacteria. It can be used for the development of skin and dental care products.
Frankly speaking, you should take consideration of the specific led color, and the wavelength when you choose it for your specific purpose. There are various kinds of blue leds both in domestic and international markets for your selection. You are advised to choose the responsible supplier who can provide quality and credibility assurance. For example, Light Green is one of the leading manufacturers of led downlight and led panel light. And we have great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad for high quality and competitive price. To find more detailed information about our products and services, you are advised to visit our webiste: www.lgiled.com

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What Should You Know About LED Tube?

There are various kinds of led tubes both in domestic and international markets for your selection. They come in different sizes, materials, shapes and brands actually. Each kinds of led tube is designed to meet different kinds of requirements actually. It can be used to make led light actually, like led panel light. It is of great importance both in our daily life and industry areas. Here we will give you a brief introduction on the installation, voltage, and so forth to you. To find more detailed information, you are advised to follow me and read the following parts carefully.


The led tube has a wide voltage adaptability from AC 85V to AC 245V. The voltage of led tube will affect its power factor of the constant current source. The energy-saving function and the lifespan may be affected slightly actually. So you are advised to choose the led tubes with appropriate voltage fluorescent tubes. Led tubes don’t require rectifiers, starter and so forth. There is also led photoelectric production of led tube with aluminum to ensure the heat dissipating heat is not a problem under normal circumstances. You are advised to take measures to cool the led tube. You should regularly clean the dust on the radiator to prevent it from heat. What’s more, led tube has a strong anti-vibration ability which can make it have a longer lifespan actually.

LED tubes can be used to make led tube lamps actually. And there are various kinds of led tube lights both in domestic and international markets for your selection. For example, there are T8, T10, T5 LED tube lights both in domestic and international markets with different sizes and functions.  In comparison with other lighting options, led light is becoming more and more popular nowadays. There are many advantages of led light actually, like energy-saving, longer lifespan, easy to install and so forth. And the T5 led tube light can be regarded as one of the smallest led tube light actually.

Generally, T8 led tube bulbs are used in commercial building areas, such as offices and schools. It is more energy-saving than the T10 light and can save you more money. Compared with the T5 light, it requires more wattage, they need watts from 8 to 35 watts. As to those moderately sized work or living areas, you are advised to choose such kinds of light. However, T10 light can be ordered in lengths from 2 to 8 feet to accommodate any size fixture.

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Tips on Choosing 2013 Ceiling Downlight


There are various kinds of lights both in domestic and international markets for your selection. As you know, led technology has been widely used in electric industry in recent years. For example, there are led downlightled panel light, led monitors, led screen and so on. Taking the light for an example, there are various kinds of  downlights both in domestic and international markets, like the led ceiling light, which is very popular now. Downlight is widely used as task lighting before,  however, it is very popular for generally lighting up a room.

There are various kinds of ceiling downlights in the markets actually. Generally, it can be sorted into three types and they are: low voltage downlights, 240 volt downlights and 240 volt GU-10 downlights. Low voltage downlights use a transformer to change the standard 240 volt electricity supply down to 12 volts in power. While the 240 volt downlight, in comparison with other  kinds of downlights, is more cost saving. It can give out good amounts of light and there is no need of the transformer. 240 volt GU-10 downlights, give you an alternative to low voltage downlights as they don’t need or require a transformer. The light produced by these downlights is generally more yello toned. These three kinds of downlights can be found very easily both in domestic and international markets.

Various kinds of bulbs can be used as the bulbs of the downlight actually, like the halogen, energy efficient halogen, CFL, LED bulbs and so forth. And they also can be regarded as the ceiling downlight bulbs. So, when you select ceiling downlight for your home in the coming 2013 year, you’d better know this kind of basics. Be aware that some downlights may carry a fire risk if they are installed improperly, especially the halogen downlights actually. You are advised to choose ceiling downlight with care and the tips that we give to you. In order to protect your downlight, you are advised to buy fire shields to achieve so. It is better for you to choose a led downlight if you are still worried about fire risk.

Well, the downlights can be fixed and adjustable actually. There are many factors that will affect you when you choose the ceiling downlight for 2013 year. The factors can be concluded as the size of your rooms, the colors of your rooms, and the amount of the lights that you need and the type of your room, ie, bath room, living room, kitchen, office or others. There is no doubt that different kinds of rooms require different kinds of illumination conditions actually. So, you should take these kinds of factors into your consideration if you decide to choose downlight.

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Led Panel Light Designed for Ceiling


As we have introduced in the previous articles, there are various kinds of led panel lights which are different in size, color, material, function and so on. The led panel light with the humane design conception now has get high reputation among consumers. Now, there are various kinds of led panel lights for you to choose from. The ceiling led panel light is one of the most popular types actually. The ceiling lights are various in shapes. There are different square, round, rectangular, elliptic shapes of led panel lights in both domestic and international markets.

As you may know, at present, more and more people tend to pursue health. When it comes to the light, people focus  not only on the price, quality, but also on its unique design and whether it is good for our health. Ceiling led panel light, as well as many other kinds of led panel lights, can satisfy the new requirements of consumers since it has the humane design and the unparalleled advantages. For example, it can save a lot of energy and money, it is good for health, it is eco-friendly and so on. Frankly speaking, the advantages can be regarded as almost all kinds of led panel lights. Do you remember the office dedicated led panel light that we have introduced in our previous article? Actually, it also has such kinds of advantages.

It can be widely used for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, casinos, bars, galleries, stores, malls, exhibitions and so on. There are some basic warnings for you when install it. For example, don’t install it near the heated places. It should be installed by the professional workers and so on. You are advised to use it in accordance with the instruction provided by manufacturers carefully.

Also, you can take consideration of the led downlight which is also very popular among consumers. Light Green is one of the leading manufacturers of the led downlight and panel light. And we have had great reputation among consumers both at home and abroad. You are welcome to visit our website if you are interested in our products: www.lgiled.com

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Main Features of LED Downlight


With the increasing requirements in the markets, the electric light has been improved from its manufacturing methods to the materials, styles, shapes and so on. There are various kinds of lights both in domestic and international markets for your selection, one of which is the led downlight. LED is a semiconductor source of light. It can provide modern version in visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths with great brightness. LED downlight has many features actually and here we will introduce some main features to  you.

For example, led downlight should be your first choice if you are searching for the energy-saving lights since energy-saving is one of the main features of led downlight. What’s more, led downlight is also eco-friendly and it makes substantial contribution in safeguarding the issues regarding the gradual depletion of the environment. That is also one of the reason why it is so popular among consumers. Generally speaking, everyone want to live in a world that is safe to breathe in. This kind of light is created to cater to the requirements of protecting enviorment actually.

What’s more, led downlight has the fashionable shape. The downlights are designed with an appealing mechanism to illuminate your property these days. There are various kinds of led downlights with different sources actually. Various kinds of fashionable downlights are there for your selection both in domestic and international markets. As you may know, the pursuit of elegant cozy life environment is the common pursuit of almost all people. The led downlight becomes popular since it can satisfy this pursuit actually. The elegant light surely should be appreciated by your visitors actually.

Last but not least, the price of led downlight is reasonable in comparison with other kinds of lights. Perhaps, it is the cheapest led bulbs available. It can generate more light energy by consuming less power itself. You can enjoy the brightness with a cheaper price.

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